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Custom & exclusive print design

Here's my process for custom work :


First I'd love to know more about your brand : what is your style, your target customer and how would you like to work with me (terms and conditions).We will exchange through email or over the phone to discuss your wishes and inspirations.


After establishing your needs, I'll prepare a quote for you. If you're ready to start, I'll need 30% paiement upfront as well as the signature of the terms and conditions we discussed before.


The fun bit can start : illustration and design. I'll create a moodboard to capture the essence of the design that will be created. After your validation, I'll start drawing and painting. I like to keep you involve all along the creative process so you can give your feedback at every step of the process.


I allow as many revisions as needed to perfect the final design. Whenever you're satisfied with your design, I'll ask for the final paiement.J


After receiving last paiement, I'll send you the final files, ready to print on your beautiful products!

Get a free quote

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Thank you, I'll get back to you soon!

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